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Re: Meet the boys (& girls)

by Anonymous on 2005/8/14 23:21:04

Paul, pull yourself together man. I'd follow you anywhere, including beer tents.
Re: Meet the boys (& girls)

by Ashley Kitson on 2005/7/22 18:39:25


Didn't get any email! Did you enjoy chesterfield? Are you going to rejoin? If you do, then you don't have to be anonymous on this site

Re: Meet the boys (& girls)

by Anonymous on 2005/7/4 23:10:33

An exellent Officer Of Pike, knowlegable and well trained. His ability to lead men in the beer tent is legendary. I'd follow him anywhere. The amount of Skullcrusher he drunk at one event inspired me to drink myself into a coma. (Never again!)
Re: Meet the boys (& girls)

by David Ian Evans on 2005/5/28 9:39:36

Hello Adam
Just finishing in Iraq so wouldn't make it in time for Stavely. Will be out at Geertruidenberg but Welcome back. And I'm still not calling you Sir!

Re: Meet the boys (& girls)

by Anonymous on 2005/5/27 9:28:30

Hijaking the thread a bit - I've emailed the CO, membership and Quartermaster to try and let people know I'm coming to Chesterfield.

No reply! Will keep trying.

(Lapsed Waltons Pike -

'When you're standing on the corner...')
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