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Re: Hi from an oldy

by Scott Bradbury on 2007/5/28 16:35:10

Hi Chas,

Great to hear from you, I hope all is well with you and the family, I guess the little ones ain't that little any more?

I am currently down south in the Falklands on my second tour here, I should be back in July all being well. Julie is currently dealing with the two lads and the Staffy Bull Terrior, tends to keep her busy! Allen is now 3 and Max is only 6 months, he will be 8 months by the time I get back so I have already missed half his life, thats life in a blue suit, or green as it is at the moment.

I am on 1435 Flt, which is the Tornado Flt here, time seems to be going quick, but then it usally does when your drunk.

How's things with yourself? still in Lincoln with the EH? or have you moved on?

It would be great to see you guys agian, if you send me your details via the CONTACT US link I would be happy to let you know off any events near you, perhaps you would be able to make the banquet? Geoff Hardy and his clan pop along, also Ali and Ian Tindle are still around as well as Andy Munroe. We occasionaly see Dave Rumble at events.

The pike block are still as mad as ever and the muskett block are not far behind. We have some real great characters in the Regiment and we are keeping up with the standard of mayhem and meeriment you were use too.

Hope to hear from you again soon, take care and all the best Scotty.

P.S. Dave Evans is now muskett officer and I have been boosted to Major, now thats scary.
Re: Hi from an oldy

by David Ian Evans on 2007/5/24 20:32:06

Hello Charles, how's life treating you then..? Whereabouts are you thess days?

Hi from an oldy

by on 2007/5/17 16:13:24

I was browsing the web looking for 17th century shoe suppliers for a production of Much Ado About Nothing I'm directing this summer, and I was reminded of my days in Walton's. I had to smile to myself when I saw that Scotty is now the CO. I hope you're well matey and very belated congratulations on becoming a dad!
Best wishes to any who remember me.
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