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Re: Desparatly seeking Scotty

by Anonymous on 2006/6/2 9:38:08

It's Friday morning. ISSB v4 isn't working out there but it's fine here and there's no differnce in setup.....I'm going to have to go Huh...?
Re: Desparatly seeking Scotty

by Anonymous on 2006/6/1 21:56:46

There goes your chance to return there....
Re: Desparatly seeking Scotty

by Anonymous on 2006/6/1 17:14:00

That's the one - Thankyou

How's Helen of Troy these days?
Re: Desparatly seeking Scotty

by David Ian Evans on 2006/6/1 16:14:10


I guess Scotty was thinking of Baskerville Hall Hotel near Hay on Wye. Try

Friendly, and the only night club for miles!!!!
Desparatly seeking Scotty

by Anonymous on 2006/6/1 13:06:00

Hi Scotty,

My name is Zena and I'm with Blackwells. Elf introduced you to me in the beer tent at Newport regarding a possible banquet site in Hereford, but I had been in there far too long! Now I am sober is there any chance of forwarding any details to me?

Many thanks
Zena Easman
Social Secretary
Sir Thomas Blackwells Regiment of Foote

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