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Re: Christmas & stuff

Subject: Re: Christmas & stuff
by Scott Bradbury on 2005/2/2 23:05:18

Dear all,

Sorry that you have not had any info yet but there seems to be a prob on our events list. I have tried to put the dates up on events and also submit a news article. Unfortunately without success.

The score is this, due to cetain problems with the original hall things got delayed. I was then out of country with work.

We have now arranged a new better site (which has not exactly been easy!) and the invites are on the way.

The date unfortunately has changed, it will now be on the 16/17 April at Baskerville hall.

I have sent e-mails to try to keep people updated but some addresses are not working. (Andy & Mandy, unfortunately yours is one)

Here is the web site if you wish to have a Butchers.

If you have any questions on this or anything else, now or in the future that you feel have not been answerd then contact me. You all should have my contact details, so do not be afraid to use them!

Yours in the service of God and Parliment


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