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Dice Games
Published by Scotty on 2005/2/21 (314 reads)
Historical Dice Games
(As found in some olde Walton’s documents)

Hazard – Common from the medieval period through to the eighteenth century, this game requires two dice and several players. If played for money, Hazard also requires a great deal of nerve, as it is a game of attrition, with the player willing to chance all likeliest to win most!

One player (the castor) throws the dice to determine their main, which must be a number between five and nine. The dice are passed around until a valid main is rolled. If the castor throws the main then he must match all the bets placed by all the other players.

The castor then throws for his chance, which must be between four and ten. If he throws either the same as his main, or a two, three, eleven or twelve then he is out and forfeits his bet or is nicked.
{the money goes into the pot and another player starts over again}

If the player throws a valid chance then he may throw again. This time, the forfeit for throwing the main is to match all the other bets. He could also be nicked for throwing a two, three, eleven or a twelve. However, if he throws his chance, then he wins the whole pot!

Well that one sounds complicated, lets see who’s brave enough for that one.

Passage or Pas Dix – said to have been the game played by Roman soldiers for the clothes of Christ, (now we know where Jon got his Buff coat) this game requires three dice and is often the subject of side bets by both players and spectators.

Each player opens with their bet and rolls the dice. The aim is to score over ten to allow you to carry on to the next round. If you fail, then you are out for the remainder of this game. This is repeated by the next player and the next, until only one winning player is left.

In and In – this is similar to passage but uses four dice.

Each player places their bet and rolls the dice. The aim is to roll a pair of the same number, which allows you to continue to the next round. {to be in} The round continues until one player throws two pairs {in and in} and wins the pot. If all players are out, then the round begins again with the same pot.

The last two games seem easier to cope with and will probably my own games of choice, but remember there shall be no gambling on the SABBATH. (well.. while anyone important’s watching!)

For God and Parliament,


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