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In Waltons as a Civilian
Published by SiteBoss on 2004/4/11 (855 reads)
A discussion of the varied 'civilian' activities undertaken by Walton's reenactors.

Cleaning chickens for lunch

In Waltons as a Civilian

Being in Walton's Regiment and a part of the Fairfax Battalia means that there's plenty of roles for members to choose from. Walton's is very much a family-orientated regiment and we believe that being a civilian is equally as important as portraying the military aspects of the English Civil War period. Walton's don't force their members to become soldiers, to swell the ranks of the Battalia. In fact we positively encourage people to take on a civilian role.

There are many areas of mid Seventeenth Century life that you could choose and this applies to men, women and children alike. There's always friendly help and advice on hand, to ensure we retain our level of accuracy and authenticity. We'll offer you encouragement every step of the way, to help you develop and enjoy a civilian role. Many members already take part in the Living History side of The Fairfax Battalia events, including -

Soldiers sutlery

This is a really satisfying job, as you get to learn about 17th Century food and how to prepare it. Serving the Officers also teaches you about 17th Century manners and etiquette. A Walton's sutlery is worth eating at and the men and women that are the Walton's sutlers are proud of what they achieve in some trying conditions. Apart from banquets and the occasional venue, most cooking is done in the open on wood fires with cast iron cauldrons and the like, catering for 100 or more soldiers and up to a dozen officers.

Fire maintenance

More challenging than it sounds and incredibly important for ensuring the soldiers food is ready on time! Colloquially known as 'Fire Fairies', these incredibly useful members of the team ensure that the sutlers get the type of fire they want, when they want it.


You can learn about authentic sewing techniques and construction, taken from surviving examples of clothing. As far as possible, we try to use authentic materials, which includes wool, linen, and linen thread, needles and pins etc. This is always a great talking point with the public who come to see us. In addition to this, it's also an opportunity for members to swap ideas, chat and catch-up on making their clothing.

Teaching the children period games and past-times

We're currently developing and expanding our children's roles, to make sure that they have as much enjoyment and satisfaction as the adults. Children can learn to sew, make lucetted cord, play dice and slap-cock, cup and ball, skipping and hoops - it's great fun and very rewarding for all concerned.

Skills & Trades

If you've already got a suitable skill, or craft, then you could do this - we currently have laundry, leatherworking, dyeing, spinning and a barber-surgeon, to name just a few.

Publicity, Education & Recruiting

The Battalia Publicity Tent enables us to answer questions from members of the General Public. It's an incredibly rewarding and fun role and we welcome men, woman and children alike.

Walton's progressive attitude means that we will encourage both new and old members to develop a civilian role. There's no need for anyone to feel left out, as we'll lend you clothing and essential items such as food bowls etc. The ethos within the regiment is very much one of friendly help, especially for families.

We're constantly trying to improve and develop what we portray and are open to suggestions and new ideas from all our members. We believe everyone has a valid contribution to make and we'll do our best to help you get the most from your hobby.

Having a civilian role needn't be boring, or take second-place to carrying out military duties. Civilian re-enactment within Walton's is a fantastic hobby for everyone. It's fun, you can actively involve your children and you can learn so much come along and find out for yourself.

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