Minutes of the 2007 AGM
Category : C17th History
Published by Phil P on 2007/3/23
Col Valentine Walton’s Regiment of Foote
AGM 24th February 2007
Baskerville Hall, Nr Hay On Wye

Present: Phil & Lesley Palmer, Wayne Netley, Becci Jones, Julie Paton, Ashley Kitson, Julia Martin, Paul Kettlewell, Scott Bradbury.
In the Chair: Scott Bradbury
Minutes taken by: Phil Palmer

Apologies for absence: Alison Clayton

Treasurer’s report: Lesley Palmer distributed the annual and banquet accounts. She reported that the Geertruidenberg accounts had never been finalised. There was a bad debt on membership (Dave Evans). There was a purchase of a firebox (from Wayne).

No website expenses are shown on the accounts because Ashley did not claim for last year. He will claim this year.

The banquet showed a good profit in 2005, and acceptable one in 2006. We need to pay 25% of the profit to Deanes’, so we owe them ¼ of the £365 and £61.65 figures.

Website report Ashley said this was mainly OK. There can be problems with Zonealarm. Scotty will put a note on the website about this. Jo & Ashley are disappointed with the Fairfax website run by Malcolm Atkins. Ashley suggested that a combined website would be cheaper and would avoid duplication.

It was resolved unanimously that Ashley would make an offer to the Battalia Committee to update the Battalia website. There is a private chatroom on the site- can be created for the other regiments. James Kerry can assist Ashley.

Scotty expressed concern that there was no newsletter, and that we tend to rely on e-mail. This means that those who do not have e-mail lose out. If material is sent to Jo Cooper, she will mail it out. We need a Newsletter Co-Ordinator.Paul volunteered. If people submit articles to the website, all we need to do is to take them off the website and send them to Jo.

Ashley queried whether we need a newsletter when we have the website. Paul suggested that the membership form be amended to ask if the member wanted to receive warning orders etc by e-mail.

It was resolved:

1. That the membership form be amended accordingly and that there should be no extra charge for that.
2. That Paul Kettlewell be appointed Newsletter Co-Ordinator

Appointment of Officers:

The following were unanimously appointed:
Scott Bradbury CO
Paul Kettlewell Officer of Pike
Officer of Musket Dave Evans (provided that he pays his membership)
Treasurer Lesley Palmer
Secretary Alison Clayton

Ashley volunteered to be membership secretary. This is not a committee post., Ashley will talk to Alison about this.

Any Other Business

Publicity Wayne raised this. He has been putting up posters.

Scotty: Members should look for local events. We can afford to do this for free. Kimbolton Castle have a country fayre. This is near Great & Little Stoughton (Nr Huntingdon) the family home of Col Walton. We can take along a cannon borrowed from Deane’s.

The meeting closed and was followed by the Banquet and dancing (34 attended + 5 children)