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Why can't I access the forum
This site is primarily a members forum for participants of the Waltons regiment. The main forum is private to them and allows them to discuss matters of interest to the regiment.

There is a public forum where member of the public can post comments, requests and suggestions. If there is enough call to have additional public forums, we will start one.

Public visitors have access to most parts of the web site.
How do I submit articles
Site members can submit articles by selecting the articles menu option and then clicking the submit menu option. Make sure you select the appropriate catageory for your article and you *must* supply a title (failure to do so will fail the submission.) When you click the submit button, your article will be submitted to the site editor prior to publication to check typos etc. Make sure you leave the notification option on so that you will know when your article is published.

Note Well - preformatted documents
If you want to submit an already written document, for instance a word document, you must first create a 'shell' article to attach it to. Save the shell article (complete with title, short description and summary). Then select your article from the list of articles and press the edit button (article submitters can always edit their own articles.) Go to the bottom of the edit page and type in or browse-select the document to attach and fill in the other details and hit the submit/upload button.

Hand editing articles
You can use simple html in your article if typing in direct, just make sure that html is enabled in the appropriate check box. The following codes will work adequately in most cicumstances:

<h1>Your Title Here</h1>
<p><i>by your name</i></p> will put your name in italics.
A paragraph of text immediately following a headline does not need a paragraph marker.

<p>However insert the <p> prior to the next paragraph in your text.

<h3>A sub title</h3>

<br> at the end of a line will add a line break.

Use the preview button to see what it will look like.

Adding pictures
If you want to add a picture to your text:
- Upload your image file first before starting to write your article, using the Photos-Submit menu option.
- Make sure you categorise it under 'Article Support'
- Now create your article. Use the Manager button that is above the editor box to select your image. This will place a link to your image at the bottom of any text you have written (a small feature of the editor system means that it doesn't put it where your cursor is ).
- After the image link, type in a caption for the image. Unless you are very familiar with html tables, don't try to do more than this. The site editor will position the image and caption within your article for you.

Any problems, send a private mail to SiteBoss.
I don't receive notifications by email
By default the notification method is by private email to your site mail box. To receive emails to your home mail box, edit your account and change your notification method.
Notes on submitting photos
In Brief
Walton's members may upload photographs to both the public and private photo galleries.

If you try to upload a photo and it doesn't work the answer is likely to be that it is too big. The maximum size is 100000 bytes (about 97kb) or 1024 x 1024 pixels. If your image is too big, either shrink it by resizing or save as a jpeg and lower the quality ratio.

If you succesfully upload your image may not appear in the latest listing for 5hrs or so which is the recycle time for the cache (speeds up page downloads for users) for that page. You should still be able to see it in the main catalogue however.

Image Size
The rule for submitting photos is that they must be no bigger than 100000 bytes in file size and/or 1024 x 1024 pixels in image size (states this on photo submission form as a reminder. Your pictures were a lot bigger than this.

I usually crop the images (to take out extraneous background) and also resize them. I find if I resize so that either height or width is 500 pixels this produces a file of between 40k and 60k, which is under the file size limit, gives a fair image size and loads reasonably quickly.

Editing photo catalogue entries
If you need to edit the catalogue entry for a photo to give a more appropriate title and perhaps a description, do this,

1/ click on Photos (or Private Photos), then when the menu expands,
2/ click on 'My Photos' and you will see your pictures.
3/ For each one, click on the title and you get a single page displaying the photo.
4/ Click on the little edit icon next to the title and you will go into edit mode.
5/ Change the title and/or description and click on the submit button.
6/ The edit screen will refresh. Click on My Photos in the menu again and repeat from 3.

NB, you can also resubmit a photo using the edit screen.
How do I get an avatar?
An avatar is a small pictorial representation of you in your online guise. It can simply be a photo of you or it can be a character sketch of you or your online identity. On this site, you earn the right to display an avatar by making postings to the site, therefore it is only available to site members. To earn the right on this site you must make a minimum of 10 postings. Then, when you edit your profile you will have an option to upload an avatar.

Avatar image files can be .gif or .jpg format, must be no larger than 80 x 80 pixels and no bigger than 3.5kb in file size.

Alternate description of an avatar;

"your totemic animal or ... gods in earthly form"

Thanks to MariaVonHelsing
Why does 'Camp follower' appear by my name?
This site in line with many/most community sites tries to encourage its members by a series of rankings.

These rankings are earnt on the basis of the number of postings that the member makes to the site.

As of 18/9/4 the ranking system is:

Sniffin' about - 0 - 20 posts (and anonymous users)
Camp Follower - 21 - 40 posts
Lights the fire - 41 - 70 posts
C17th Junkie - 71 - 150 posts
Sad, Bad and Very Mean 151 - 10000 posts

Special ranks exist for certain people;
T'Officer Class is for the C.O. and (currently his) military subordinate officers
NCO is for the people who run the society (e.g. membership secretary. treasurer etc.)
Warrant Officer is for site moderators
Master Sutler is me, the web administrator

Any suggestions to new names for ranks should be made to me. I just pulled them out of thin air so they are totally changeable especially if beer is involved

Why do I have to login twice?
Double sign-ons do appear to be a problem from time to time. I've tracked down a fix:

Do you bookmark the site as http://valentinewalton.co.uk or as http://www.valentinewalton.co.uk (note the www.) If the latter, then change your bookmark to the former.

This is to do with cookies being set from the site. It's a "feature". The URL you use has to be the same as an internal setting on the site else the cookies that store your session info don't work properly. It works this way to stop some malicious types from hijacking sessions.

That should do it.
Privacy Policy for this web site

Privacy Policy


Respecting the privacy of our visitors and ensuring the confidentiality of their information is important to Colonel Valentine Walton's Regiment of Foot ("The Regiment"). The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to ensure that we interact with all of our visitors in line with current legislation such as the Data Protection Act 1998 and in accordance with their wishes.

The Policy

1. The Regiment may use your contact details (postal address, email address, telephone, mobile and fax numbers) to contact you regarding the product and/or services you have requested. This includes re-registration/renewal notifications, surveys on improving our service to you and/or invitations to events, exhibitions, seminars and shows.

2. From time to time The Regiment may invite you to register in order to receive magazines, email newsletters, enter competitions, and receive services from the The Regiment website. This may require you to confirm personal information
such as your name, email address, home and work postcodes. Some of this information is mandatory and is required by The Regiment for security purposes and enable The Regiment to supply a reasonable level of services to users and our
advertisers. We may ask for information (although it is not limited to) such as job function, company sector, company/ name, eecreational interests and date of birth. During registration, you will also be asked to choose a password for future access to the relevant site(s).

3. The Regiment offers you the chance to opt in to receive additional information from The Regiment and its associated companies by email, telephone and/or SMS. This includes other products/services that The Regiment and its associates offer and that The Regiment feels will be of interest to you.

4. The Regiment offers you the chance to opt in to receive marketing information from other carefully selected organisations by email, telephone and/or SMS. The Regiment will only pass on these details if you opt in. The Regiment takes all measures possible to ensure that the contact you receive will be from reputable organisations. The Regiment however cannot accept any responsibility for use of the data once it has been passed on.

5. The Regiment offers you the chance to opt out of receiving marketing information from other carefully selected organisations by post. The Regiment takes all measures possible to ensure that the contact you receive will be from reputable organisations. The Regiment cannot however accept any responsibility for use of the data once it has been passed on.

6. Aggregate statistical information gathered from The Regiment registration forms may be passed on to advertisers or others regarding sales or website usage. At no point will this include personal identifying information.

7. At all times a recipient of The Regiment product and/or service will have the opportunity to amend their contact details and/or to opt in or out of any of the options listed above in points 3, 4, and 5. You can also request, at any time, to have your personal details flagged on the The Regiment's databases to ensure you do not continue to receive such information. We will not actually delete your record from the The Regiment databases as we would no longer be able to identify you, which could lead to you receiving information from us in the future. To action any of these requests please contact the site administrator.

8. You have the right to be told what personal information we hold about you on our databases. You should write to The Website Administrator, Colonel Valentine Walton's Regiment of Foot, No. 58, NN10 6DH. In your letter you must state your full name, your address and all services from The Regiment to which you know you subscribe. An administration charge of 10.00 will be made for fulfilling this request.

9. The Regiment may make anonymous use of information to help diagnose faults, manage the system and gather broad demographic information about our users in general. This information will be stripped of all details that could identify you personally. For example, we may use IP addresses to help fix performance problems with our server.

10. The Regiment uses all reasonable precautions to keep the personal information disclosed to it secure.

Information collected from site visitors

This statement discloses the privacy policy for the The Regiment's site (http://valentinewalton.co.uk) and subdomains of this website. This statement does not extend to sites that are linked to the The Regiment's site but which are not part of the The Regiment's system. You should refer to those sites for further details about their use of your personal information. If you use The Regiment website certain information is automatically collected so that delivery can be made of the service. Cookies may be stored on your machine by your browser. You can set your browser to disable cookies, but then you might find some website features will not work. When you request a page from the site's web server, the server automatically collects some information about your system, including your IP address. The Regiment collects the minimum information necessary to make the service work - this information is essential to send the pages back across the Internet to the right computer. The Regiment uses Awstats
to analyse traffic to the The Regiment site. The  The Regiment site is hosted by FreePageHosting over which The Regiment has no control. Click here
to see their privacy policy.

In the course of serving advertisements to The Regiment sites, a third party advertiser may place or recognise a unique cookie on your browser, but it will not collect any personally identifiable information about you. The Regiment does not have control over the collection of information for advertising purposes.

The Regiment is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of third party web sites linked to this site.

The Regiment reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time by posting changes on this page. It is your responsibility to refer to this privacy policy on accessing this site.

The Regiment will however draw your attention to any material changes to this privacy policy by placing a notice on the site.

If you have any general questions or suggestions please contact the administrator, The Administrator

The comments are owned by the poster. We aren't responsible for their content.
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